VAT Returns

We’ll let you know when your VAT returns are due and ask for your bookkeeping records. After your returns are completed, they’ll be double checked to ensure they’re accurate. Once we’ve received your approval, we’ll submit your VAT return to HMRC. Job done!

Your dedicated accountant will assess if you are on the most beneficial VAT scheme for your business, and advise you to switch if it is more tax efficient for your business. As well as handling your VAT calculations and submissions, we’ll also act on your behalf if HMRC decide to investigate your affairs. We’ll be fighting your corner, helping you to win your case

Online VAT returns aren’t as straightforward as you think – can you answer these questions?

Can you claim VAT on meals?
Can you claim VAT on train fares?
Can you claim VAT on utility bills?

If you aren’t confident about the answers, then you shouldn’t be submitting your VAT Return to HMRC without it being checked by a reliable, knowledgeable bookkeeper.

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